Top 9 IHaospace LCD Display – Barebones

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1. iHaospace

IHaospace LCD2004 I2C IIC 2004 20x4 LCD Blue Screen Serien LCD-Modul für Arduino Character LCD/w IIC / I2C Serial Interface-Adaptermodul

iHaospace - Blaue und weiße Hintergrundbeleuchtung, einfach zu lesen. 20x4 2004 iic / i2c serielle lcd-Modul-Anzeige für Arduino. Komplett zusammengebaut und getestet Serial LCD. Iic / i2c-schnittstelle; benötigt nur zwei I / O-Ports. Zeigt zeichen von 4 zeilen mit jeweils 20 zeichen an.

2. iHaospace

IHaospace 16x2 1602 LCD Display Screen Blue + IIC I2C Module Interface Adapter for UNO Raspberry Pi 2 Pack

iHaospace - Compatibility: used for connecting arduino and raspberry pi and it can be used to display real time clock, temperature, humidity etc. Working voltage: Only 5V. A potentiometer is also necessary to adjust the contrast.

Before you upload the code to the control board, please download the LiquidCrystal_I2C library. Components: blue 16x2 1602 lcd display + i2c serial interface backpack; 1602 lcd screen can display 2-lines x 16-characters with built-in industry standard HD44780 equivalent LCD controller. Four pins: vcc, gnd, sdl and sca used for connecting Dupont Line or IIC dedicated cable. Wide application: commonly used in copiers, fax machines, laser printers, industrial test equipment and networking equipment such as routers and storage devices. Default address: 0x27 for pcf8574t chip; 0x3f for pcf8574at chip; please check which chip you have on i2c interface.

3. iHaospace

IHaospace 3D Printer Ramps 1.4 LCD 12864 Version Graphic Smart Display Controller Module with Adapter and Cable for RAMPS 1.4 Reprap Lcd Display

iHaospace - Geeignet für kopierer, faxgeräte, industrielle Testgeräte, laserdrucker, Netzwerkgeräte usw. Diese version ist eine aktualisierte Version von Reprap Smart Controller.

Lcd-bedienfeld, über das sie spooling erreichen können, ist das 3d-modell Gcode-Dateien werden auf die SD-Karte kopiert und drucken Sie die Datei dann über das LCD-Bedienfeld Diese Version ist eine aktualisierte Version von Reprap Smart Controller. Klein und leicht, ist es einfach und bequem zu bedienen. Ein lcd-display-modul mit blauer hintergrundbeleuchtung, Laserdrucker, klein und leicht, geeignet für Kopierer, industrielle Testgeräte, Faxgeräte, Vernetzung.

4. iHaospace

IHaospace Adjustable Voltage Regulator Boost Buck Converter 30V Step Up and Down Power Supply Module LCD Display Anti-Reverse Under-Voltage Anti-Back-Flow Short Circuit Protection

iHaospace - This power supply module support automatic buck and boost voltage, Instrument voltage display, select output; Application: ordinary power supply, charging function, battery charger, test meter, circuit test, LED drive power, enable output, power conversion.

Ihaospace boost buck converter with HD display LCD screen, high voltage resistant terminal. Multiple parameters are displayed simultaneous, support working status indicator, high current, current and power, output voltage, display input voltage, low heat. Working voltage: dc 5. 5v-30v, work frequency: 180khz, soft starter failure at high power load, conversion efficiency: about 94%, output voltage: dc 0.5

5v-30v, working current: 30ma, working temperature range: -20℃~85℃, output power: 50w 50w need heat sink; 35W is for 3A, Output Current: 4A 4A need heat sink; 3A is stable for long time, Working Humidity Range: 0%-95%RH. Protection functions, support complete disability output, under-voltage protection, anti-reverse protection, short circuit protection, anti-back-flow protection.

5. iHaospace

IHaospace 3D Drucker Controller Kit für RAMPS 1.4 + Mega 2560 R3 + LCD 12864 Display Controller + 5pcs A4988 Stepper Motor Driver with Heatsink use für Arduino Reprap Drucker

iHaospace - 3d printer controller ramps 1. 4, a4988 stepper Motor Driver. 3d printer controller Kit Mega 2560 R3. Lcd 12864 graphic Smart Display Controller. 3d printer controller 100% compatible with Arduino RepRap.

6. iHaospace

IHaospace 1.8 Zoll SPI TFT Display Screen 128 x 160 LCD Module for Arduino Raspberry Pi

iHaospace - Resolution: 128 x 160 Driver ic: st7735. 1. 8 inch spi color Display Module. It can work with Arduino Raspberry Pi. Interface: 4 Wire SPI interface.

7. iHaospace

IHaospace 2 Inch 176 * 220 Serial SPI Color TFT LCD Display Module LCD Screen

iHaospace - Integrated SD card expansion circuit. Support Arduino development board. Integrated voltage regulator IC, support 5V or 3. 3v power supply. Driver ic:ili9225.

8. iHaospace

IHaospace IIC/I2C Serial 1602 LCD Module Display Module for Arduino UNO MEGA R3 2X 1602 LCD

iHaospace - Bundle consisting of a LCD module with 16x2 digits and a I2C interface. Supply voltage: 5V. Automatic power-on reset. Easy connect to your controller.

9. iHaospace

IHaospace NX8048T070 7.0" HMI TFT LCD Touch Display for Arduino Raspberry Pi

iHaospace - 7. 0" 800x480 resolution. It's easy to adapt nextion family HMI to existing projects, you just need to provide it a UART. It is the best solution to replace the traditional LCD and LED Nixie tube.